Classic Century Barn Wedding

When it comes to country wedding venues it​’​s hard to find a better location than Century Barn  in Cav​a​n, ON. I​ have​ been very fortunate to​ be​  one of the favoured vend​o​rs there​​;​ so much ​so​ that I really feel ​like ​part of the Century Barn family. ​The dedication and attention to detail of Sue and Dave is like no other!  ​Like all wedding​s​ here​,​ this​ fall wedding was simply perfect. I had met the couple months before at their weekend cottage for th​eir​ engagement session.​ ​ It was there  where we first discussed Krystal’s ​dream ​wedding vision for the day. ​With the help of​  the amazing team at Century Barn and Kryst​a​l’s off site wedding planner  her and Ryan​’​s dream  came true.

Dream decor at this Classic Century Barn Wedding Gorgeous shot of bride with sunlight streaming thru the gaps of the old barn.

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