This year I was fortunate enough to shoot my first wedding at the beautiful Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC). This RCYC wedding really was a highlight of 2018 for me.  Referred to me by a couple I shot in 2017, I first spoke to Karen & Scott via Skype, as they live in Vancouver. Our first face to face was the wedding day. This couple was super organized and everything was planned out perfectly. I jumped on the ferry and was transported to another time and place. An RCYC wedding is truly magical.  Feels like a country estate with the Toronto skyline as a backdrop.  Wait until you see the sunset picture!

Bride with bridesmaids on the estate grounds with the Toronto skyline as a backdrop. Perfect RCYC wedding Bridesmaids all peaking out from behind their flowers. The groomsmen looking cool like Risky Business! City skyline in the background. Couple getting married. Sunset at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Gorgeous couple with red orange background. This one is definitely going in a frame!

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